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Girls ShoppingWhat is Boxing Day?

Boxing DayBoxing Day is the fabulous next day after Christmas Day and in Australia it is enjoyed as a day of rest, activities and sales. After the feast of Christmas, Boxing Day has a feast of activities like test cricket in Melbourne and Yacht racing in Sydney.

And for those wit ha retail fetish Boxing day is all about the boxing day sales. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart or Adelaide or somewhere else in Australia we hope to have you covered for what you want in your Boxing Day.

Christmas PartyBoxing Day

Great things to do over the Christmas/Boxing Day period

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  • Sydney - Sydney Harbour Escapes - Boxing Day Cruises
  • Melbourne - Veludo - Veludo Presents Boxing Day
  • Melbourne - World Restaurant & Bar - World's Summer of Cricket: Boxing Day
  • Melbourne - The Wharf Hotel - Boxing Day Party
  • Perth - The Aviary - Boxing Day on The Nest Rooftop

End of YearSales and Boxing Day Sales ... Come and get the bargains.

End of Year SaleBoxing Day Sale suggestions over the End of Year period. Christmas Specials galore!

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Sports on Boxing Day

In Australia, Boxing Day has become a significant sporting day (similar to ANZAC Day celebrations). In Melbourne the Boxing Day Test Match is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and in Sydney, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race typically starts on this day.