Boxing Day Melbourne

Cricket at the Melbourne Cricket GroundBoxing DayMelbourne on Boxing Day is a buzz with activity.  If you are in the centre of the city the retails stores will be opening slightly late to massive crowds of bargain hunters lining up for the incredible Boxing Day sales.  And make sure you don't get in the way of these fanatical shoppers when they are about to get their hands on a good discount item.

You'll probably need refreshments when you take time out and we have some great restaurant and cafe ideas.

And if you are just on the skirt of the CBD near the Melbourne Cricket Ground you will notice people on a pilgrimage to the traditional opening of the Boxing Day Test cricket match.

A gorgeous city with lots to do and widely applauded as one of the worlds most liveable cities you will find lots to do at at parks and venues along the Yarra River, CBD, Federation Square and Southbank, South Wharf and Docklands.

Have a great Boxing Day in Melbourne

Boxing Day Melbourne Ideas

  • Boxing Day at Young & Jackson

    Young & Jackson

    Melbourne / 03 9650 3884

    Boxing Day

    Are you busy shopping at the Melbourne Boxing Day Sales? Right across from the Flinders St Railway Station is the iconic Young and Jackson Hotel and away from the busy streets it provides a refreshments retreat.  Stop by for a cool drink or put your feet up this Boxing Day and dine in for lunch!  The team at Y & J look forward to seeing you come thru the doors!

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  • Boxing Day Serenity at Pilgrim


    Melbourne / 03 9654 9575

    Boxing Day Serenity

    Ah the Serenity away from the crazy Boxing Day sales in Melbourne's retail strips.  The quiet drift of the slow flowing Yarra River meanders by as you can relax at Pilgrim. Great tasting treats and quenching beverages to match.  Make your Boxing Day a Pilgrim one!

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  • Boxing Day Rushing By at BearBrass


    Southbank / 03 9682 3799

    Boxing Day Rushing By

    While people are rushing to get the latest bargain, take a breather and watch on from Bearbrass . Or if you are heading to the Boxing Day Test then Bearbrass will be the place to be for a snack and a refresher before you go or to digest afterwards.

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  • Gift Time at Terra Rossa

    Terra Rossa

    Melbourne / 03 9650 0900

    Gift Time

    Boxing day is the perfect time to grab another gift that keeps giving.  Get yourself or your family a gift card for Terra Rossa and then you may get to enjoy it all again at another time. Yes the gift receiver may take you!  You can do it online.

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