Boxing Day Adelaide

Boxing Day Shopping in AdelaideBoxing Day AdelaideSales Sales Sales. There are Boxing Day sales going on in the heart of Adelaide's retail area in Rundle Mall and the CBD surrounds. The sounds of doors opening and cash registers cluttering as people rush to get the bargains from post Christmas sales. The pulse of shopping is alive and well. Are you caught up in the Adelaide Boxing Day Sales shopping crusade.

Boxing day can be such an exhausting day. And with people already puffed because of Christmas. Yes, it can be a great day to get a sales bargain, and it can also be a great Boxing Day to get out and about and spend time with family and friends. Relax and find some great places for lunch, some dining and refreshments. It is Summer time in Adelaide after all and people are in holiday mode! There are so many great hotels and restaurants in Adelaide and so many things to do. Make sure you get your share of fun!

Boxing Day Adelaide 2024 Ideas for Things to Do

We hope these ideas for your Boxing Day Adelaide will add a smile and some fun while you are out and about.

  • Boxing Day at the Glenelg Pier Hotel

    Glenelg Pier Hotel

    Glenelg / 08 8350 3188

    Boxing Day in The Pier Bar

    Pop into Pier Hotel this Boxing Day and join the crew in the Pier Bar to relax from all the stress of the past few days. Why not grab a bite to eat for lunch from the zPier Bar & Grill menu whilst your at it.

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Things to do in Adelaide this Boxing Day

From Adelaide to the surrounding suburbs make sure you are out and about this Boxing Day. Here are some fun ideas to help you put some runs on the board.

Glenelg Glenelg Pier Hotel
Boxing Day Cricket on the Big Screens Enjoy the Glenelg beachside location and watch the Boxing Day Test in the Pier Bar on the sports screens. Also has accommodation options if you'd like to make a night of it.
Adelaide Stamford Plaza
Boxing Day Gorgeous dining options and why not stay over on Boxing Day and take a wicket or two.
Adelaide Stag Hotel
Cricket on the Sports Screens Grand Final Day gets better with a few refreshments. Barrack hard!
Hindmarsh Joiners
Boxing Day Test on the Big Screens Food, Fun, Frothies and Cricket. The Joiners has it all. The Big Sports screens will tuned into the Boxing Day Test. Come and enjoy the fun.
Adelaide InterContinental
Boxing Day l Lunch Get relaxed with some fine foods and refreshments and then kick back to watch the Cricket.

Tell us about your Adelaide Boxing Day Event.

Adelaide's Summer Fun NYE is nearly here

Adelaide is such a fun city with the beaches of Glenelg and the like just a tram ride away! And with Christmas and Boxing day behind us it's only days away from the biggest celebration of the year. Adelaide New Year's Eve! Hope you have your plans in place but if not check us out for great fun ideas.